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            Installation of stainless steel valve

            Date:2020-12-21 14:45:18 Hits:206

             Before daily maintenance and installation of stainless steel valves, you should carefully check whether the models and specifications of the valves used are in line with the design.
              Check whether the valve can be used under the required conditions according to the type of the valve and the factory instructions.
              When hoisting the valve, the rope should be tied to the flange joint between the valve body and the bonnet, and not tied to the handwheel or stem, so as not to damage the valve stem and handwheel.
              When installing the valve on the horizontal pipe, the valve stem should be vertically upward, and the valve stem should not be installed downward.
              When installing the valve, the forced connection mode of raw pull and hard pull shall not be adopted, so as to avoid damage due to uneven force.
              Open stem gate valve should not be installed in the underground wet place, so as to avoid valve stem corrosion.


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