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            Daily maintenance of stainless steel valve

            Date:2020-12-21 14:44:47 Hits:177

              Daily maintenance of stainless steel valves.
              The valve should be kept in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the passage should be blocked.
              Long-term storage valves should be inspected regularly to remove dirt and apply antirust oil on the processing surface.
              After installation, regular inspection should be carried out, mainly to check the items:
              Wear and tear of sealing surface.
              Trapezoidal thread wear of stem and stem nut.
              Packing (3) whether the packing is out of date and invalid, if there is any damage, it should be replaced in time.
              After the valve is overhauled and assembled, the sealing performance test should be carried out.
              For valves in operation, all kinds of valve parts should be complete and in good condition. Bolts on flanges and brackets are indispensable, threads should be intact and loosening is not allowed. The fastening nut on the handwheel should be tightened in time if it is found to be loose, so as not to wear the joint or lose the handwheel and nameplate. If the handwheel is lost, it is not allowed to use a live wrench instead, it should be matched in time. Packing gland does not allow skew or no pre-tightening clearance. For valves that are vulnerable to rain and snow, dust, wind and sand and other dirt, the valve stem should be equipped with a protective cover. The ruler on the valve should be kept intact, accurate and clear. The lead seal, cap and pneumatic accessories of the valve should be in good condition. The thermal insulation jacket should be free from depressions and cracks.
              It is not allowed to knock, stand or support heavy objects on valves in operation, especially non-metallic valves and cast iron valves.

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