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            The company has a sound after-sales technical service system of special equipment products, strict measures and strong technical force in after-sales service, and the service team will go wherever the products go. It is possible to meet the various requirements of users for products and technical services. And the company has also established a strong sales network and offices all over the country, which not only provides you with advanced design solutions, high-quality products and preferential prices, but also needs to provide good technical support and after-sales service. There will be no pause in our work until we know your needs and satisfaction.
              Follow up on the pre-sales performance Pledge:
              1. Provide special needs product design, manufacturing, to meet the individual needs of customers.
              two。. The company strictly arranges production and delivery in accordance with the contract, and ensures that the goods are supplied at the time agreed in the contract.
              Keep the after-sales service pledge:
              During the three-guarantee period, if there are problems caused by the manufacturing quality of the products, the factory will guarantee repair, replacement and refund; for the problems caused by other reasons, the factory will actively assist users to solve the problems, so as to ensure that the products are put into operation in time and reduce the accident loss to a low degree.
              Installation and commissioning of major equipment, on-site technical service led by technical experts headed by the Deputy Chief engineer to provide door-to-door service to solve various problems of users. Key projects shall be stationed as site representatives.
              After the company's products arrive at your place, the technical staff will be responsible for helping to guide the installation, commissioning and other work.
              Actively cooperate with users to do a good job in on-site operation and maintenance management of products, and can provide users with spare parts and accessories of our products at any time at cost price.
              Adhere to the principle of good quality and customer supremacy, and listen to the call of users at any time. When on-site service is needed, we guarantee to give an answer within 24 hours after receiving the notice from the user, and arrive at the scene within 72 hours. In case of emergency, fast transport will arrive within 32 hours.
              If there are any quality problems within the scope of maintenance, the company shall be responsible for the maintenance and arrive or reply within 24 hours after receiving the phone call from the user.

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